Growing up in New York City, I developed a taste for fabulous food. From ethnic restaurants to my family’s cooking, I gained a sense of what I love. Some time ago, I spent a few years in a small town in Minnesota that had few restaurants but plenty of local farms to fill the fridge and a community of fellow foodies to explore with. I now live in St. Louis, where I  teach cooking classes, make television appearances, and write about food. I’ve won a teaching award, hosted countless dinner parties, and daydream about what I am going to cook next. At night, I curl up with my husband and three kids and read to them from my favorite cookbooks, which I believe, if one looks hard enough, are filled with stories, stories told through food.



5 thoughts on “About

  1. Che bello aver trovato il tuo blog! Io adoro scrivere storie… fotografare i miei piatti, cucinare e mangiare! Seguirò il tuo blog per avere ispirazioni! Spero che tu possa leggere di me, la cucina italiana è molto varia! A presto!

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  2. So excited to have discovered your blog…this is fabulous!

    I remember when I first got turned onto pomegranates. I think it was in fourth or fifth grade and I thought I was just THE coolest thing for knowing what they were and would bring them to school and then with a hideous amount of grandeur dole out the seeds in multiples of one or two to my closest friends. Ha.

    Looking forward to perusing your blog more…great stuff you’ve got here!


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